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Cina              Khaledi

Cina Khaledi (Born December 14th, 1997) is a Kurdish-Iranian Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, Composer and Video Producer. Founder of Illenn.

Khaledi was born to Kurdish-Avroman parents and grew up in western part of Iran, Kermanshah. He was not very interested in school, But as the top student, he entered the computer Olympiad competitions and won the third place. In the same year, he made a paper piano for the Khawrizmi International Award using a webcam and artificial intelligence. With the code he had written, each person could have a piano by printing piano keys on paper and a webcam. He entered the university with a high grade and the first semester became top student, but was forced to drop out due to financial circumstances and excessive interest in music. Despite all the complexities around him, he always had to hide his true feelings and pretend to integrate into society. Due to his introverted personality type, he did not have many friends. His only escape from all the negativity around was to seek knowledge, to read from history, religions, philosophy, psychology to science, technology and art. Gaining experience, learning lessons, and focusing on personality puzzles sparked him to find an endless path to creativity that led him to construct the two concepts of Cin and Illenn: Sound and Motion, Animus and Anima, Inside and Outside. The traces of these concepts are quite evident in his projects.

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Show Business

Due to Khaledi's talent and interest in Computers and Technology, and his excessive interest in the theater and Show business, he began to learn skills in the fields of Graphic design, Editing, Directing, Photography, Filming, Writing, Acting and Voice acting, which also had activities in these fields, as a voice actor in children's puppet shows, as an actor in theater, as a radio presenter, as an editor and actor of short films that went to international festivals such as The Berlin International Film Festival but did not receive an award. Following this interest, he founded Illenn, to bring talented artists together to create a lasting work, because in his point of view music without the art of movement is imperfect, as well as the performing arts without music. According to him, he is writing a novel and screenplay that will start at the appointed time of his project, and this time we can see a part of his soul by combining Sound and Motion.

Show Business
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Music Path

Music Path

The desire to make music began around 2009, beginning with classical guitar and then bass guitar, which did not last long and he had to sell due to living conditions, during which time he worked in various jobs. But all his senses and thoughts were with music, in this period when he did not have access to musical instruments, He started practicing Solfège and expanded his voice range, after some time with the money he had saved, he bought studio equipment. Prepared and began to learn composition, his interest in the piano and taking steps into learning it, opened a new path in his mind, Which was, Melody Making, It did not take long for him to integrate this ability with his singing practices and achieve a new ability, which was Songwriting, Gained more experience than before by making more than 60 songs and small live performances, He Decided to Distribute one of the songs, had to sell his studio equipment for the cost of Distributing, This move had a good feedback but did not lead him to great success. After a while, he started making music with his friend who had the equipment of the studio, which resulted in an album called "Ort", the theme of the album was about his mental condition such as Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Synesthesia, Insomnia and life condition at that time, with all the difficulties and The lack of facilities made up for it, he had to leave his country to distribute the album due to restrictions and banking sanctions. After a trip to Turkey and troubles along the way, he managed to release the album after a year. He is currently completing his second album, "Orbit", which from his point of view is in line with his thoughts, but this is just the beginning of an adventure, because His map shows seven albums in seven different phases, of which "Orbit" is the first album from the first phase, for each of these phases there is a pre-determined program that is the result of ten years of thinking and arrangement.


Khaledi started his music career with Hip-Hop and Rap, Since his childhood was spent with pop music, This lack of limitations in the words and the musical structure of hip-hop and rap fascinated him, Watching a performance of Metallica at the Grammy Awards revived the same feeling in him, now he had found himself a great land for adventure, He entered the world of Rock and Metal and it did not take long for him to wander in all sub-Genres, After that, his thirst was not over.
Analyzed all genres from country to jazz, blues, classical, symphonic, opera and traditional music.
According to him, listening to music is like a classroom for him, so there was not a minute that he did not listen to music.
The wide range of his style made him more sense-oriented in composing music and combining different styles.
From his distributed tracks, We can mention the following Genres

Ort : Pop, Electronic, Alternative/Indie, Ambient, Country, Alternative Rock, Trap, Progressive, Symphonic and Classical

A.I (Instrumental) : EDM, Electronic, Trap, Synthwave


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Album: Orbit
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